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dreams and arrays Dreams and Arrays
Southampton, New York: Avram Gallery, Southampton College, Long Island University, 2003; catalog of artist Susan Graham’s solo exhibition, with essay, “Susan Graham’s Intriguing Reveries.”
“Adolf Wölfli: Visionary Graphic Designer,” in The Art of Adolf Wölfli: St. Adolf—Giant—Creation. New York and Princeton, New Jersey: American Folk Art Museum and Princeton University Press, 2003.

“Janet Sobel: Pioneering Abstractionist, Rediscovered Outsider,” Raw Vision (U.K.), issue no. 44, autumn 2003, pages 44-48; article about Brooklyn-based, self-taught artist in the 1940s whose drip-painting technique might have influenced Jackson Pollock.

“Reimagining the Landscape: Contemporary American painters bring fresh ideas and techniques to a classic art form,” Art & Antiques, Oct. 2003, pages 66-71; article examining the work of artists Jane Wilson, Colin Cochran, Peter Edlund, Lisa Breslow, Bill Westmoreland, Don Pollack and Valentina DuBasky.

“Between Past and Present,” Art on Paper, Sepage-Oct. 2003, pages 48-51; article about artist Shazia Sikander.

Adolf Wölfli: Master of His Universe,” Envision, the Missouri journal for folk, visionary and self-taught art, July 2003, vol. 8, issue 2, pages 1-20. Entire issue of this magazine dedicated to Edward M. Gomez’s essay about Adolf Wölfli, including photographs shot by the author at the Wölfli archives in Switzerland. Click here to open a PDF containing full content of this issue of the magazine.

“Swiss Mix,” Art on Paper, Apr. 2003. Article about Swiss self-taught artist Hans Krüsi.

“Cultural Bridges: A fresh look at classic Buddhist works from Korea and Japan,” Art & Antiques, Apr. 2003, pages 38-39; article about “Transmitting the Forms of Divinity” exhibition at Japan Society, New York.

If Art Is a Commodity, Shopping Can Be an Art,” The New York Times, Arts & Leisure, Dec. 8, 2002; article about exhibition “Shopping” at the Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt.

A 'Nothing Who Became Something': An Artist,” The New York Times, Arts & Leisure, Dec. 1, 2002; article about the first-ever exhibition, in New York, of the work of the Swiss self-taught artist Hans Krüsi.


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