Edward M Gomez
Art Projects
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“Domenico Zindato: Recent Drawings,” essay in the catalog of an exhibition with the same title, presented at Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York, December 12, 2013 through January 18, 2014. Click here to see the actual, printed pages. A 4.8 MB PDF will open.
“Yoko Ono’s New Music and New Writings: It’s Her Universe, and Welcome to It!,” with photographs by the author, HYPERALLERGIC.com, December 21, 2013.
“Objects of Desire: Space Walk,” article about New York-based, German-born artist Ati Maier’s recent paintings and related video works; Art & Antiques (U.S.A.), winter 2013 (December 2013/January 2014 double issue), pgs. 24-25.
“Recalling nature’s fury abstractly in oils,” article about New York-based, Bosnian-born artist Amer Kobaslija’s series of contemporary history paintings made in response to the natural disasters that took place n Japan in March 2011; The Japan Times (Tokyo), December 11, 2013, p. 13, with photo by the author. Click here for article and photos online.
“Chasing Memories in a Color-saturated Sea: Stephanie Brody-Lederman’s New Paintings,” with a photograph by the author, HYPERALLERGIC.com, December 7, 2013.
“From Cubist to Cuban: Melding Afro-Caribbean and European influences, Wifredo Lam created one of modernism’s most distinctive bodies of work,” feature article about the life and work of painter-sculptor Wifredo Lam; Art & Antiques (U.S.A.), November 2013, pgs. 74-80.
“Objects of Desire: Magic Boxes,” article about artist La Wilson’s mixed-media, box-assemblage works; Art & Antiques, November 2013, p. 30.
“Outsider drawn to the circle of life,” article about Japanese self-taught artist Hiroyuki Doi’s drawings and exhibition at Pilot Pen Station, Tokyo; The Japan Times (Japan), November 6, 2013, p. 13, with photo by the author. Click here for article and photos online.
“Alan McMonagle’s Psychotic Episodes: ‘I’ve a feeling we’re not in [Old] Ireland anymore,’” with a photograph by the author, HYPERALLERGIC.com, Oct. 26, 2013.
“La Wilson’s Art of Mystery and Transformation,” essay in the catalog of the exhibition “La Wilson: Five Decades,” presented at John Davis Gallery, Hudson, Sept. 12-Oct. 6, 2013.
“A Universe in Tiny Form: In Tokyo, chef-turned-artist Hiroyuki Doi creates voluminous compositions made up of little more than thousands of miniscule circles,” Raw Vision (U.K.), issue no. 79, summer 2013, pgs. 50-55.
“Outsider art that comes from within,” article about the exhibition “Souzou: Japanese Outsider Art,” on view at the Wellcome Collection, London, May 28-June 30, 2013; The Japan Times (Japan), May 21, 2013, p. 10. Click here for article and photos online.
“In India, Picturing the Divine: Long common but overlooked by specialists, popular Hindu-deity prints are now attracting serious attention from scholars and collectors in the U.S.,” Art & Antiques, May 2013, pgs. 52-57.
“Loving the Extraordinary Ordinary: Finding beauty in the cast-off or offbeat, eclectic collectors have redefined aesthetic value—on their own terms,” Art & Antiques, April 2013, pgs. 86-93.
“In New York, the Guggenheim Goes Gutai,” article about the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s Japanese modern-art exhibition, “Gutai: Splendid Playground,” The Japan Time (Japan), February 28, 2013, p. 12. Online version here. View a PDF here.
“Still Abstract After All These Years: The diverse work of five contemporary artists attests to the enduring appeal of non-figurative art,” Art & Antiques, February 2013, pgs. 82-87. View a PDF.
“Revisiting Ramírez: Now that the legendary Mexican outsider’s ‘last works’ have surfaced, and better-informed research about his life has been published, new ways of appreciating his achievements are emerging, too,” Raw Vision (U.K.). issue no. 77, winter 2012/2013, pgs. 26-31. Online version here (republished in full, with additional photos of artworks, in Fluence).