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Ensayos escritos en el año 2015    
Brut Force: In Japan, where fine craftsmanship abounds, remarkable works by self-taught artists — so-called art brut — have emerged and are being noticed,”Art & Antiques, Dec. 2015/Jan. 2016 (Winter 2015/2016 issue), pages 88-92. Click here to see this article in PDF form.
“Humanizing an ‘Enigma’: A New Book Illuminates Martín Ramírez’s Life and Art,” article about Víctor M. Espinosa’s book about the Mexican-born, self-taught artist whose life story and innovative, mixed-media drawings have become legendary in the art brut/outsider art field, HYPERALLERGIC, Dec. 12, 2015.
“Takesada Matsutani’s Art of Expressive Textures and Ambiguous Blobs,” article about a Gutai-era artist’s retrospective exhibition at the Otani Memorial Art Museum in Nishinomiya, Japan, HYPERALLERGIC, Dec. 5, 2015.

“Versteckt/Hidden,” essay in Versteckt/Hidden, catalog of an exhibition of the same name presented at the Raiding Foundation, Raiding, Austria, Oct. 24-Nov. 1, 2015.

“In Martha Wilson’s New Photo Works, Feminism Meets the Absurd,” article about Wilson's just-opened solo exhibition at P.P.O.W., New York, HYPERALLERGIC, Oct. 24, 2015.
“Jean Dubuffet and Art Brut in the U.S.: A Historical Moment Re-examined,” article about the exhibition Art Brut in America: The Incursion of Jean Dubuffet at the American Folk Art Museum, New York, HYPERALLERGIC, Oct. 17, 2015.
“Naoto Nakagawa’s Art of Seeing and Believing,” article about the paintings and career history of the Japanese-born, New York-based artist Naoto Nakagawa, HYPERALLERGIC, Oct. 3, 2015.
“A Wounded Healer: The Italian modernist Alberto Burri, a war veteran and doctor-turned-painter, used unusual materials to transmit a potent emotional charge,” article about the Burri exhibition at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, Art & Antiques, Oct. 2015, pages 90-95.
“Daisy Craddock’s Pastel Drawings: If Landscapes Could Talk,” review of Four Decades, the artist’s retrospective exhibition of works on paper, on view at John Davis Gallery, Hudson, New York, HYPERALLERGIC, Sept. 26, 2015.
“In 1970s Japan, a New Art of Experiments, Edgy Photos and Big Ideas,” review of the two-venue exhibition in New York, For a New World to Come: Experiments in Japanese Art and Photography, 1968–1979, HYPERALLERGIC, Sept. 19, 2015.
“Through a Lens, Inquisitively: Modern Photo Visions, of and from Japan,” review of Kazuo Kitai’s exhibition in New York, Aperture Foundation’s book, Hiroji Kubota Photographer, and the exhibition For a New World to Come: Experiments in Japanese Art and Photography, 1968–1979, HYPERALLERGIC, Sept. 12, 2015.
“Drawing on Their Imagination: Approaching the making of works on paper from different starting points, a group of contemporary artists demonstrates how versatile their favorite medium can be,” article about the work and ideas of six artists based in the U.S.A. and overseas, Art & Antiques, May 2015, pages 88-92 and p. 94.
“It’s Only Rock’n’roll, But They Like It: New Books from Robert Christgau and Jessica Hopper,” review of new books by two American rock-music critics, HYPERALLERGIC, Aug. 29, 2015.
“A Chelsea Double Feature: Paper Meets Clay on ‘Homeground’s’ Turf,” review of two multi-artist, thematic exhibitions on view at Cavin-Morris Gallery, New York, HYPERALLERGIC, Aug. 1, 2015.
“See America First: The transplanted, redesigned and reopened Whitney Museum makes us take a fresh look at over a century’s worth of American art,” Art & Antiques, July-Aug. 2015, pages 55-58.
“Tokyo, Mon Amour: The City in Photos, as Monster and Muse,” review of Aperture magazine’s summer 2015, Tokyo-themed issue, HYPERALLERGIC, July 18, 2015.
“Agnes Martin: In Two New Books, A Life Revealed,” review of Nancy Princenthal’s new biography, Agnes Martin: Her Life and Art, and Agnes Martin, the catalog of an exhibition on view at Tate Modern, London, HYPERALLERGIC, July 4, 2015.
“‘The Curator,’ an Art World Fantasy: Excerpts,” passages from a story from Edward M. Gómez’s new book of stories, As Things Appear (published by Ballena Studio), HYPERALLERGIC, June 28, 2015.
“MoMA’s ‘One Woman Show’: Now, the Ballad of Yoko,” article about the themes of and the unusual back-story behind artist Yoko Ono’s exhibition, Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960-1971, on view at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, May 17-Sept. 7, 2015, HYPERALLERGIC, May 16, 2015.
“Of History, Disasters and Paint: Amer Kobaslija’s Japan-themed Pictures Capture the Look and Ambiance of a Moment in Time,” essay in Amer Kobaslija (New York: George Adams Gallery, 2015), pages 49-55.
“Plastic Ono Show: An exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art examines Yoko Ono’s formative years as an artist,” article about Ono’s art and ideas, and Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960-1971, on view at MoMA, New York, May 17-Sept. 7 2015, Art & Antiques, May 2015, pages 88-93. PDF of print-magazine version here. (Size: 14 MB)
“A Keen Observer of the Brazilian Scene: With compassion and an eye for detail, Zica Bérgami created a lively visual portrait of her homeland,” Raw Vision (U.K.), issue no. 85, spring 2015, pages 36-37. To order a copy of this magazine, visit its website.
“Keeper of the Flame: In Japan, a veteran collector preserves ancient artworks and an aesthete’s sensibility,” article about Kyoto-based collector Yasuyoshi Morimoto and the collection he assembled along with the late David Kidd, an American writer and specialist in classical Chinese and East Asian art, Art & Antiques, Mar. 2015, pages 88-90 and 92. Online version here. PDF of print-magazine version here.
“The Swinging Sixties’ Grooviest Art Dealer: In London, Remembering Robert Fraser,” article about an exhibition in London that looks back at the legacy and influence of the London-based art dealer Robert Fraser (1937-1986), who was a key figure on the “Swinging London” art-fashion-music-pop culture scene of the 1960s, HYPERALLERGIC, Mar. 21, 2015.
“Wölfli’s World: Fifty Shades of Grau — and Technicolor Visions,” article about an exhibition of the work of the legendary, Swiss art brut maker, Adolf Wölfli (1864-1930), on view at Museum Gugging, near Vienna, Austria, through Mar. 1, 2015, HYPERALLERGIC, Feb. 21, 2015.
“No Time Like the Present: In an ‘atemporal’ age, a new exhibition proposes, painters can — and do — make art from an anything-goes grab bag of styles and attitudes,” article about exhibition of contemporary paintings at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, Art & Antiques, Feb. 2015, pages 82-87.
“From the Deep South, an Overlooked Chapter in Art History,” article about the Atlanta-based Souls Grown Deep Foundation’s donation of 57 works by self-taught, black American artists from the Deep South of the United States to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, HYPERALLERGIC, Jan. 24, 2015.
“Of Empathy, Appropriation and Time: Gillian Jagger,” article about the British-born, U.S.A.-based sculptor Gillian Jagger’s mixed-media works made with parts of old trees salvaged from forests and other unusual materials, Sculpture, Jan.-Feb. 2015, pages 32-37. Click here to open a PDF containing the complete, published article. Size of file: 6.6 megabytes.
“Topless but Far From Helpless: Charlotte Moorman’s Avant-Garde Life,” article about author Joan Rothfuss’s new biography of the American musician, performer and impresario Charlotte Moorman (1933-1991) published by M.I.T. Press in the U.S.A., HYPERALLERGIC, Jan. 17, 2015.
“Offbeat satire that finds the bizarre in the banal,” article about the Tokyo-based, Scottish artist Jack McLean’s exhibition of new drawings at The Container, a small, alternative-space gallery in Tokyo, The Japan Times, Jan. 16, 2015.
“Master of ‘Raw Art’ Keeps to Path,” article about 83-year-old, self-taught, French artist André Robillard’s retrospective exhibiton at Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne, Switzerland, The International New York Times, Jan. 14, 2015 (posted on newspaper’s website on Jan. 13, 2015)
“Donna Sharrett’s Art of History, Remembrance and Time,” article about artist Donna Sharrett’s gallery exhibition of new mixed-media works, New York, HYPERALLERGIC, Jan. 10, 2015.
George, the Maciunas Film: An Emerging Portrait of an Influential Enigma,” article about the New York-based filmmaker Jeffrey Perkins’ new film-in-progess about the life and work of the Fluxus leader, George Maciunas, HYPERALLERGIC, Jan. 3, 2015.
Various feature articles and reviews, including cover story about the drawings of the Australian self-taught artist Julian Martin, Raw Vision (U.K.), issue no. 84, winter 2014/2015. To order a copy of this magazine, visit its website.