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Sam Glankoff: Print-paintings
Valerie Carberry Gallery, Chicago, 2007; exhibition catalog with essay, “A Late-blooming Loner’s Ground-breaking Art.” PDF
“Der wunderbare Welt des Fernando Moreno,” Mex (Germany), winter 2007, pages 82-87. PDF
“Critic’s Notebook: The Unmistakable Touch of the Hand: Conceptualist trends prevail, but for some contemporary artists, pride in craftsmanship endures,” Art & Antiques, Oct. 2007, pages 157-160. PDF
Four Seasons “Mexico City: Mining for hot new stars in an emerging art capital,” Four Seasons, autumn 2007, pages 198-205. PDF
selwyn Robert Selwyn: Houses and Newscasters
New York: DFN Gallery, 2007; exhibition catalog with essay, “Robert Selwyn: Houses and Newscasters.”
Burleson Thomas Burleson: Lone Star
New York: Luise Ross Gallery, 2007; exhibition catalog with essay, “The Drawings of Thomas Burleson.”

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“Back to the ’Burbs: Artists Used to flee and never look back; now, a new generation is finding inspiration in America’s suburban sprawl,” Art & Antiques, May 2007, pages 38-39.

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“Critic’s Notebook: An Outsider’s Legend Retold: New research and a stunning exhibition recast the life of Martín Ramírez,” Art & Antiques, Jan. 2007, pages 97-99; article about Martín Ramírez exhibition at American Folk Art Museum, New York.


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