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Henry Darger Bruit et fureur: L’oeuvre de Henry Darger/Sound and Fury: The Art of Henry Darger
Paris: La Maison Rouge, 2006; catalog of the first-ever, comprehensive exhibition in Europe of Darger’s work, with essay, “Henry Darger: Une vie et un art d’exception” (“The Singular Life and Art of Henry Darger”).


Hans Krüsi
Paris: Iconofolio/Outsiders, 2006; monographic book about the Swiss, self-taught artist.

National Gallery of Jamaica “Self-taught Art Comes of Age, and for Jamaica’s Legendary Intuitives, the Moment is Now!” in exhibition catalog Intuitives III. Kingston, Jamaica: National Gallery of Jamaica, 2006.
Duke Magazine “J-pop Goes the Market,” article about the international popularity of Japanese pop-culture products, in Duke Magazine, published by Duke University, Durham, North Carolina; Sept-Oct. 2006, pages 28-35. PDF



“Intuitives III, National Gallery of Jamaica,” Raw Vision (U.K.), issue no. 57, winter 2006, page 73.
  Roberto Cortázar: Realism, abstraction and the expressive power of paint,” in exhibition catalog Saturno en el mundo de los parricidas. Mexico City and Puebla, Mexico: Landucci and Museo Amparo, 2006.

“Mexico City: Turning Conflict into Art,” Art + Auction, June 2006, pages 130-132. PDF

“Treasure Troves Next Door: America’s smaller, regional museums spotlight unique collections and perspectives,” Art & Antiques, Mar. 2006, pages 124-129.

Jamaican Vagabond: Ras Dizzy,” Raw Vision (U.K.), issue no. 54, spring 2006, pages 30-33.

“The Connoisseur: All Tied Up,” Art + Auction, Mar. 2006, pages 70-71; article about collecting ikat textiles.

“About Face: As contemporary approaches to the genre become more diverse, the painted portrait’s appeal endures,” Art & Antiques, Feb. 2006, pages 62-69; article about artists Till Freiwald, Richard Piloco, Teun Hocks, Jim Torok and Paul Fenniak.

“Slim City, Mexico,” Metropolis, Feb. 2006, pages 98-104 and 119.; article about the restoration of Mexico City’s Centro Histórico district. PDF

“From the Outside In,” Art + Auction, Jan. 2006, pages 77-77; article about the state of the international outsider-art market. PDF


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