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williams carmona “Las ‘Historias Cocidas’ de Williams Carmona: Un banquete de misterio, humor y alma,” in Williams Carmona: Historias Cocidas. San Juan, Puerto Rico: Viota Gallery and collaborating publishers, 2004.
waldo Jon Waldo: Red Paintings
New York: Ballena Studio, 2004; catalog designed by and featuring photographs by Edward M. Gomez, with essay, “Notes on Jon Waldo’s Red Paintings,” published in conjunction with Waldo’s exhibition at P.S. 122 Gallery, New York.
La Wilson La Wilson: Altered Objects
Collegeville, Pennsylvania: Berman Museum of Art, Ursinus College, 2004; catalog designed by Edward M. Gomez, with his essay, “La Wilson: Altered Objects,” published in conjunction with retrospective exhibition of the American artist La Wilson’s box-assemblage sculptures.

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